Our Program

We primarily utilize Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer to take advantage of the very best bulls and cows in the Angus breed. Our goal is to produce functional, well-balanced, efficient and productive cattle.

We don’t employ a Ranch Manager. We breed, handle and care for all of our cattle. We know our cattle through personal interaction. Our vaccination protocols and herd health program was developed with local veterinarians and is rigorously executed using BQA techniques and principals. We constantly strive to maintain a healthy, vibrant herd. Antibiotics will only be used when absolutely necessary. Growth hormones are never used.

All calves receive their initial series of vaccinations at 120 days and are given boosters at weaning, and annually thereafter. We vaccinate all of our cattle against a broad spectrum of diseases, (Lepto, Vibrio, BVD, IBR, Mycoplasma Bovis, Pasteurella Haemolytica A1, A6 and A3, Haemophilus Somnus, Salmonella Typhimurium) as well as 9 clostridials (Blackleg), Tetanus and Pinkeye.

When you buy an animal; you will receive a comprehensive health, vaccination, and performance record for that animal. All bulls are fertility tested and have passed a Veterinary health exam prior to sale. If being sold as bred, all females will be pregnancy checked either by a Veterinarian or through blood testing prior to sale. We stand behind our cattle and offer a guarantee on all of our cattle. (Please see our sale terms and conditions).

We want to earn your business and more importantly, keep your business by maximizing your profitability and making sure you are satisfied with the animal in which you have invested your hard earned money.